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The business team is responsible for outreach and business vision planning for the team.

They approach sponsors, write grants, design websites, and manage social media accounts. Their biggest mission for this school year is to write a whitepaper outlining the creation of a Hyperloop track between the UC Davis main campus and the UC Davis medical campus in Sacramento. Getting city and county approval for such a track would be a huge step for the team, and a massive step forward for the economic mobility of Yolo County.

Our team

  • Samarth Sandeep

    Team Lead
  • Kenley Hendrawan

    Pylon Designer
  • Lambert Tran

    Website Developer
  • Jackson Liao

    Tube Designer
  • Alice Liu

    Toxicology Researcher
  • Yurim Lee

    Animal Conservation Researcher
  • Zack Chua

  • Aravinth Raghavan

    Track Developer
  • Fred Martinez

  • Delahny Vineisha

    Conservation Plan Developer
  • Nathan Chan

  • Vamsi Eyunni

    Video Editor
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